That is the reason for all of our customers that try our new method of mounting never return to their old habits. It is not only because the owners of the companies are pleased with the money being saved, but also because the benefits of the method is clearly felt by the employees that are doing the physical work. Below are interviews with some of our customers


The above video shows footages from a M/S Loran February-March, 2005, fishing tour in the Lofoten, 67N-11E. That tour was one of the best in the history of M/S Loran. They caught 38 tons of headed and gutted Cod in one day then, but over a period of two weeks they caught over 300 tons. The nets used in that tour were from Neptunus.


Is one of the biggest five gill net vessels in the Norwegian fleet. "We were so happy that we could mount the nets ourselves, it was so easy and much cheaper. Two men can mount 100 nets in one day with breaks and the Neptunus nets also last longer. I think that is because the mounting line is away from the rope. It is also much better to haul the nets in because the grip is better, the rigger is only pulling the ropes, not the netting. There is also one more thing. A very big boat here in Norway, Fiskanes, borrowed 50 nets from us a while ago and the captain said that the Neptunus nets caught more fish every day. He said that those nets are much better than the others he had." Stale Dyb. Captain


"The best thing about the new method from Neptunus is that we can mount both ropes simultaneously which saves so much time and that the mounting is so even and accurate. We use the MOUNTER EC 1500 machine which is amazingly comfortable, it's just a push on a button and there it goes. We are usually two working the machine, but one man can do it easily which happens many times, both ropes simultaneously. Before we used to sew the nets on the ropes. It was so time consuming and it was so hard to cut the nets from the ropes. After we started using the new method it's so much easier to cut the nets from the ropes,because there are far fewer knots to cut. This new method is a revolution I would say." Bergvin Oddson. Owner.

Hafnarnes-Ver. ICELAND

This new way of mounting has been very good for us. The mounting becomes more even and more accurate. The nets last longer, probably because of the way they are mounted, but anyhow they last much longer. Those are very good nets, they have a very high quality. Because of the mountings accuracy it is much better to haul them in. The hauling is more even and therefore the force on the netting becomes more even. The fish gets more preserved and they fish more. Those are simply the best nets. That's just very plain and simple. The best nets there are on the market today.


"First of all this new method saves a lot of time, we are much faster mounting our nets. It's also noticeable how even the mounting is, before we had problems with that. It was never even enough. The nets are so clear from the ropes making it much easier to cut them off. These nets also last much longer than other nets we have used and I have heard other fishermen that have tried the Neptunus nets that they think they're much better than other nets. First and foremost for us the best thing about this new method is that we can mount by ourselves now, much quicker than before, we like that very much." Arnþór Hermannsson. Captain.