All nets from Neptunus are premounted on pipes. There are various options to order the nets, see the text below to the right. Please don't hesitate to send us a question if you have one. The nets are made in China and Thailand with the highest quality in the business.

This video shows how the combination of the mounting line and the knots holds the net in it's place.

When the net is being stretched underwater the meshes between the knots take the pressure together, instead of just one.

  1. Twine size, and type of twine, multi, multimono, and monofilament.
  2. Mesh size SQ (knot to knot) or ST (stretched full mesh).
  3. Depth of netting in meshes.
  4. Length of netting stretched in meters or yards or the amount of meshes.
  5. With sideline sewed on to the sidemeshes, with loops top-bottom both ends, or not.
For premounted nets we need additinal information as follows:
  1. Length of loops required, top and bottom.
  2. Length of rope to be mounted on, top and bottom (can be different).
  3. Distance between fastenings (loops), on to the ropes, top and bottom, quantity of loose meshes between loops, top and bottom.
  4. Diameter of the rope, top and bottom, with and without splice.

For Trammelnets: Same information as items 1-9 for all 3 panels. It's possible to have a line or lines through every mesh from top to bottom mounting line (see drawing), with any distance and quantity of lines. There is also a possibility to have the loops in different lengths from bottom rope up to the net, to avoid crabs and other bottom species.