1. It's much faster and easier to mount.
  2. There is more flexibility in the Neptunus nets. It flexes up, down, left and right because the mounting line gives extra slack.
  3. When being hauled in, only the ropes take the force and not the netting. Therefore more grip is gained.
  4. The net is clear from the ropes and runs smoother through the rigging machine.
  5. There is less tangling to the bottom.
  6. It's easier and faster to cut off.
  7. The rope is spared from damage when the nets are being cut off.
  8. The Neptunus nets last longer.
  9. The nets can be ordered with longer loops to avoid crabs and other bottom species.
  10. Many claim the nets catch more fish.

Watch our net straight from the sea after being hauled in 30-40 times from a rough lava and coral bottom. See how well the mounting holds and how easy it is to cut the nets off.