Neptunus offers three ways of mounting nets. The new equipment for mounting by hand is based on two methods shown in the videos below. One is by using a reel and the other is by pulling the mounting line straight with hands.The equipment slightly tilts the knots so they don't move while transporting.There is no need to harden the knots because the mounting line holds them in their right position. The most important thing when mounting is to secure that the mounting line is longer than the rope to be mounted on. Therefore all the mounting is done by pulling the mounting line, not the rope!

You can mount 3 nets per hour with this method. 54 meters top and bottom (108m.)

It takes about 8 min. to mount 54 meters top and bottom (108 m.) 7 min. to prepare. Total=4 nets per hour

It takes about 6 min. to mount 54 meters top and bottom (108 m.) One man can easily mount 6 nets per hour.

Two men can mount and fully prepare 8 nets per hour, 54 meters top and bottom (108 m.)(mounting time=4 min. preparing time =3 min.)