Neptunus is in the business of making fishing easier and more efficient. A company with over 30 years experience in the gill net market. We provide high quality fishing nets and services to exceed customers expectations. Strongly focused on continuous improvement, we monitor and respond to all needs of our customers.

Neptunus has always been developing something new for the fishing industry. Both in fish processing and gill net fishing. The braided floatline as we know it today was first manufactured and put to use by Neptunus in 1978 and in mass production in 1980.

The mission of Neptunus is to make the use of gill nets as simple as possible. To make fishermen independent when it comes to preparing their nets for fishing, reducing their costs enormously in long terms.

Our vision is to have mounting and cutting off done on board bigger boats. Reducing the costly stock of ropes, making more space on board and simplifying, in whole, the process of gill net fishing, at sea.

The invention of the premounted net on pipes was in development for five years . It has been praised by it's users and has been spreading fast in Scandinavia since 2005. It has been patented in Europe, USA, Russia and Japan.